Hi everyone,

My name is Matthew and I am currently 27 years old. Weird age when you are regreting a lot of your decisions and trying to set your life on right track as soon as possible. I can always feel some weird clock ticking over my shoulder that tells me if anything won’t change during few next years I will be miserable and unhappy for the rest of my life. That is why I want to try change something step by step. But let us start from the begin.

I have always loved computer and video games, comic books and cartoons. Up until today I am watching few anime series in free time and my face smiles when someone talks about „wolverine” or „spiderman”. There is always a little child growing in me telling me to be overwhelmed by those topics and I can’t help myself to smile. Don’t get me wrong- every day I try to be as much proffesional in what I do as I can. I always want to be known as someone reliable. But beside that I am loving those awesome heroes, fantasy and sci-fi books and many more. I cannot say that I am nerd cause I don’t have huge brain for science and I am more kinda artist than sciencist.

I’ve always dreamed about drawing for living. Since childhood I have always got liking in pencil and sheet of paper. But society somehow managed to convince me that artist carrier is not something profitable. That if I want to have family and nice house, then you have to do something more… productive and mayby commercial. That is why I have decided to study art & design and work on more commercial side of the art industry. Maan… How I was wrong. I have only painted and scetched for fun. Never thought about it in proffesional way. After graduation I’ve started to work in small local agency and right now I am working as UI designer. After those few years I have started to doubt my decisions. Things that I love are the ones that I am doing home after hours and I wish that I could do this for living. Don’t get me wrong- I got pretty good at design and I could do this for the living but… this is not somethign that drives me all the time.

I want to fix everything on right path right now and start carrier as concept artist and illustrator. So! This blog will be my journey from almost start to achieveng „something” I hope. I will try to put in here things that inspires me and recent problems. Mayby someone will share same thoughts and problems on their way. So remember- you are not alone! I will try to keep you and myself motivated!

p.s. I am from Poland so english is not my native language. Keep that in mind :P